Stevenage’s first ever multi-cultural showcase.

In October 2002 a new and vibrant community project was born – Celebrate!!! – Stevenage’s first ever multi-cultural showcase. Celebrate!!! brought together the diversity of international culture in Stevenage to promote unity by sharing experience, knowledge and skills. Celebrate!!! also introduced the tradition of Black History month to the wider community.

Over 700 performers have participated in Celebrate!!! over the years. A significant feature of Celebrate!!! is the Campbell-Younge Award which is presented yearly to a deserving winner in recognition of their contribution to improving relations amongst ethnic communities and the communities in Stevenage.

The key aims of Celebrate:

  • To forge strong bonds between cultures
  • To break down the barriers of discrimination and build bridges
  • To share skills and knowledge within the community
  • To raise awareness of ethnicity and diversity through arts and leisure activities
  • To build and develop community capacity

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