Micheal Edgal

Early Childhood

Where were you born?
In London.
Who was the most influential person to you whilst growing up?
My Mum & Dad.
What were you most afraid of as a child?
When I found out that I was going to die one day. For a long time it
became a constant fear.


What School did you go to?
Allen Edwards School (London)
Who was your best friend?
What was your favourite subject in School?
What was your favourite sport?
Is there a Teacher that you remember for any good/bad reasons?
Yes, Mr Syed. He was very kind and gave me my first RC remote control car in Year 5.
What did you like most about School?
What did you least like about School?
Forced to study subjects I didn't enjoy.
What sort of after School/out of School clubs did you attend?
What would people you know find surprising about you as a teen?
I love adventuring in the nature.


What is your Occupation?
I'm a business owner.
What was your first job?
What was your worst job?
Data entry.


How long have you been living in Stevenage for?
Since the last five years (in Chells and Shephall)
What do you like most about Stevenage?
If there was something you would like to improve about Stevenage then what would that be?
No, I like Stevenage the way it is.

Lesser known facts about Micheal

What is your definition of happiness?
Strong and intimate relationships.
What is your most memorable travel experience? 
School trip to Isle of Wight.
What accomplishment are you most proud of?
Starting my own business.
What do you like to do in your spare time?
Watch Netflix or read.
What are the main lessons you've learnt in life?
Love is the most powerful force of change.